Remember September

Char - October 3, 2015

9.12 Goodvibes & Goodbyes: Brunch Our very good friend moved to California a few weeks ago and invited her close friends and family out to brunch to see her off! Brunch was at La Dolce Vita ! The food was amazing and the company was even better. We hope she has a wonderful and exciting time during her new adventure! 9.16 FBA Happy Hour Great Food! Amazing …

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Thirty Days Down: Whole30 Recap

Aleesa - August 19, 2015

No grains. No dairy. No legumes. No added sugar of any kind. No alcohol. For thirty whole days? And we all did this willingly? Why, yes — we did.   Whole30, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s nutritional reset promotes gut health and healing, which according to other Whole30-ers has helped relieve and/or eliminate gas, bloating, pain, and even autoimmune disorders.  By eliminating grains, dairy, etc., the …

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Brunching Bloggers

Taria - August 11, 2015

Sunday we got to brunch with probably the most stylish women in Michigan at the first Fashion Bloggers Alliance meet-up. We had a delicious meal around a rustic over-sized picnic table at the Toasted Oak Grill & Market, a cute spot in Novi. Everything was great! The food, the conversation, the ambiance, and the fashion (of course) was all on point! It was nice to …

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Frida, Diego, & a Little Fashion

Taria - July 21, 2015

A few weeks ago we decided to take a trip to the city to enjoy a bit of art and culture……………..and hopefully get some inspiration. After work that Friday we decided to go and see the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Being back in Detroit felt amazing and the day was absolutely beautiful. The energy of the city …

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Happy (belated) Birthday to ME!

Char - June 10, 2015

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 26th birthday! I had a wonderful time having a nice low key celebration with the people that I love the most…my family and friends. Being treated like a princess was everything! Awakened by wonderful breakfasts every morning of the weekend, going on a fabulous shopping spree, and having a marvelous dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse called Gaucho’s was …

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Char - May 8, 2015

Graham crackers were something that I thought I would NEVER be able to make in life. For some reason graham crackers seemed like a food that you were forbidden to make. Take the recipe for example, it seemed secretive and if you weren’t a member of the Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Cracker family then you weren’t allowed to even attempt to try and make them. That …

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Plus Activewear + TDM Experience

Taria - April 17, 2015

TDM Experience Last month I was invited to attend a private class at The Dailey Method studio in my area.  The studio was small and cute and we were given special grippy socks to wear on the carpeted floor during the class. Let me say that the class was unlike anything I have ever done before. It was truly a unique experience. I wore black …

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Thirty. Flirty. Thriving.

Aleesa - February 28, 2015

Catch the 13 Going On 30 reference?  LOL. What do you do when you celebrate a milestone birthday? This year I decided to have a bit of fun!  I invited all my faves to a weekend of celebration complete with happy hour, clubbing, and a delicious brunch.  Each day I felt absolutely beautiful!  This is just a glimpse of the weekend as seen though our …

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