Brunching Bloggers

Taria - August 11, 2015

Sunday we got to brunch with probably the most stylish women in Michigan at the first Fashion Bloggers Alliance meet-up. We had a delicious meal around a rustic over-sized picnic table at the Toasted Oak Grill & Market, a cute spot in Novi. Everything was great! The food, the conversation, the ambiance, and the fashion (of course) was all on point! It was nice to …

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Evolution of a Logo : Making styleTRIFECTA.

Char - March 23, 2015

Design…art…or whatever category you want to put this in is one of my many passions. So, when we were in our beginning stages of “the idea” of creating styleTRIFECTA. I knew that I wanted to create an original logo. I wanted to develop something that I thought screamed, HERE WE ARE! THIS IS STYLETRIFECA! HEAR US ROAR! But, I also wanted it be elegant at …

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