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August 19, 2015

Remember September

August 19, 2015

Thirty Days Down: Whole30 Recap

August 19, 2015

No grains.

No dairy.

No legumes.

No added sugar of any kind.

No alcohol.

For thirty whole days? And we all did this willingly?

Breakfast including a chicken sausage frittata!

Breakfast including a chicken sausage frittata!

Why, yes — we did.


Whole30, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’s nutritional reset promotes gut health and healing, which according to other Whole30-ers has helped relieve and/or eliminate gas, bloating, pain, and even autoimmune disorders.  By eliminating grains, dairy, etc., the idea is when, after 30 days, you reintroduce the non-compliant foods, one would be able to notice an allergy or sensitivity to any of the listed foods.  This, in turn, would help one to make a decision to eliminate anything that she is sensitive to for good — or at least recognize and prepare for any discomfort when choosing to eat said food.

After an extremely busy spring/early summer full of food-on-the-go and extra trips to our favorite froyo shop, a way to refocus our minds and eating was in order.  Enter Whole30.  We chose a day in July and then scoured the website and the books It Starts with Food and Whole30 to prepare.  On July 7th, we started — choosing this date (after Independence Day) to make any temptation to go off-plan minimal.  Because there is absolutely NO CHEATING on Whole30.  Mess up, and you have to start from day 1.


Over 30 days later, we can all definitely say that we sleep better and have a bit more energy to get through our days.  We look forward to meals at the table, instead of on-the-run or in front of the TV, where we are more mindful of what we are eating – taking time to savor, experience new flavors and textures, and enjoy the the ritual of having a meal.

Above all,  we had tons of fun being creative in the kitchen.  Bun-less turkey burgers and chipotle shrimp tacos are at the the top of our favorite’s list.  Taria was uber-creative when concocting a barbecue sauce made of cherries, and it was delicious.

We did’t take before and after photos or measurements (and weighing yourself is a no-no for the duration of the program).  We wanted to focus on how good we felt on the inside, not how we looked on the outside.

Make sure you check out our Instagram page to see other meals we tried on Whole30!


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