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March 23, 2015

Spring Style Wish List

March 23, 2015

Evolution of a Logo : Making styleTRIFECTA.

March 23, 2015

Design…art…or whatever category you want to put this in is one of my many passions. So, when we were in our beginning stages of “the idea” of creating styleTRIFECTA. I knew that I wanted to create an original logo. I wanted to develop something that I thought screamed, HERE WE ARE! THIS IS STYLETRIFECA! HEAR US ROAR! But, I also wanted it be elegant at the same time (lol). I wanted this logo to be ours and really represent us. Ready to see how this logo came about? Well, here we go!



Brainstorming – Over the years (especially when I was still in college) I learned that brainstorming was a very important step in the creative process. Not only does this help with getting out ALL your ideas (even if they seem silly or waaay out there), but it even helps with organizing your thoughts. For me I love using the “listing” method the most.



Sketching – This step has always been the most difficult for me. I’ve always disliked this part for two reasons: 1. I always just wanted to get to the final part & 2. I’m NOT the best drawer [insert sad face here]! But this time I forced myself to do this step, and actually it really helped me tremendously. I was able to experiment with different methods and mediums like ink, paint, pencil, and markers. I really had a lot of fun getting a little messy and seeing awesome potential ideas come about. So, remember, just because you may not like a step in the process…DO IT! It just might be the idea to help you take your project to the next level.



Digitizing – Finally having a concrete sketch that I really liked I began to digitize my work. I took my sketch into Adobe Photoshop and began making my work more visually polished. I was so excited about how everything was finally coming together…but all of a sudden I just wasn’t liking what was happening with the design anymore. I believe this happens a lot with any process, and I have to admit it SUCKS. So, can you even guess what the next step was?



RE-brainstorming, sketching…basically starting from square one – Yes, I started all over. I went through the first two steps all over again and I ended up coming up with an idea that wasn’t even remotely close to my first one. It was not as fluid as I originally wanted it to be, but it still had a little of the handwritten aspect that I liked. I worked on this new idea for THREE straight a days and guess what? I ended up scrapping it because it just didn’t say, “styleTRIFECTA” to me at all. I ended up stepping away from everything just to give my brain a break. Sometimes that’s the best thing to do. Take a step back and do something else for a couple of hours or even a day or two…or three!

Finally after giving myself a much needed break I was refreshed. I was able to gather my new thoughts and begin again. Guess what? Everything started to come together! After sketching probably fifty more ideas one jumped out at me and said, “CHAR, I AM YOUR LOGO!” So, again I took my logo drawing back into Adobe Photoshop and fixed it all up. Now, just because you may get stuck and want to give up…KEEP ON GOING. It will click sooner or later. <3



Finished Product – With the styleTRIFECTA logo I was able to embody everything I felt we represented. Though it’s a very simple and clean logo…to me it says a lot. The expressive “style” lettering lets people know that we are creative, edgy, and different. The contained and solid “trifecta” shows that we are strong and also business minded. You can say this is my favorite step of all. Seeing the finished product has to be one the best feelings in the world. Knowing how much time, energy, creativity, and some tears that was put into it makes me say, “This was soooo worth it.”

What are some steps or methods you use when you’re working on a project or anything in your daily life? Share some of your processes!

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